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Professional Retirement Insurance Solution Managers

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The goal is retirement, but let us show you some important things to consider while on the journey.
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Let us handle the risk – so you can focus on your work
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We offer Financial Advisors the exciting opportunity to join our Team and explore how we can expand your ability to make a difference to the Individual Client, within our wide range of business Assurance offerings or in our specialty of corporate Employee Benefits


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Yet, during all this time we stayed true to one and the same principles of business operations.

Our History

Back in 1999 when we created the independent Brokerage, we chose the name PRISM and the prism logo.

As Professional Retirement Insurance Solution Managers our Logo of a prism with normal light coming in and the refracted colours coming out, spoke exactly to what we did.

We took what was the norm, broke it down into understandable pieces, then saw what was the best fit for the client and provided the solution.

Down the line we added the Employer Benefits as it was becoming an area of significance which uniquely suited our skill set.

Today we offer tailored Employer Benefits that put the client first, and provide solutions for their individual needs.

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