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Life Insurance

Life Insurance allows you to protect your family and loved ones against financial loss in the event of an untimely death or as a way of securing a pay-out.


Disability Cover offers you a chance to protect yourself and your income from the chance of becoming permanently injured from a disability.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Cover is a way of assuring against the massive impact that health problems and traumatic events can have on your life.

Income Protection

Income Protection provides a means of securing your financial security in the wake of not being able to earn due to accident, unemployment or illness.

Medical Aid

Covering yourself and your family from a number of health problem expenses. Under medical cover you can choose the plan that suits you and your needs, through a large network of healthcare services and professionals.


Education Planning is a way of securing funds for future school and University education costs, a vital way of reaching for your family’s potential.
Although it is hard to know the future costs of education, there are a number of ways to put money away for it. Saving and investing are two good places to start.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is an easy way of preparing for a time when you want to enjoy the spoils of everything you have worked so hard for throughout your life. Planning for your future retirement lifestyle can make the difference to what, how and where you live, and to your future security. 


The non-amendable Insurance Trust Cover refers to the setting aside of cash for the sole purpose of being used for paying estate taxes, or investing the Life Cover policy proceeds over to one or more beneficiaries.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning means that after the time of your death, the transfer costs of your wealth and assets will be neatly covered by our cover. All your valuable assets, insurance, real estate, any outstanding debts and personal belongings will be safely planned and dealt with correctly when you have gone. ​

Funeral Cover

​Funeral Cover is a type of life insurance that allows you to cover the costs of burial services for you or a loved one. It makes sure that neither you or your family have to worry about added funeral stresses while you are honouring the person that has passed from your life. Funeral cover affords you the peace of mind to make sure you and your loved ones pass on with all the dignity and respect that you and they deserve.


A will or testament expresses how your property, possessions, money and other assets will be distributed when you pass away, and gives you peace of mind that your estate will be taken care of.