Business Assurance

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Asset Endowments

A company usually takes out an Asset Endowments Plan when they are wanting to donate financial assets to a non-profit group, individual or institution. Assets can be in the form of property or investment funds and can come with conditions for the stated purpose of the donation. There are four different types of endowments; unrestricted, term, quasi, and restricted. Generally, in the form of a financial donation, invested funds made from dividends of the original amount are put into charitable endeavours.

Business Trusts

​Business Trusts are first and foremost about protection, they are a way of protecting your business assets from exposed risk. Business Trusts keep a separation between your personal and business interests. For example, commercial property can suitably be bought and placed within a business trust.

Buy & Sell

A Buy & Sell Agreement is a way of creating a way of dividing the business interests and shares of the various shareholders, proprietors or partners. This agreement protects the business in the various circumstances of death, retirement, expression of selling a share or disablement.
Furthermore, the agreement allows for the remaining shares of the business be sold within the company within the rules set out initially.


Buy Backs

A Buyback Agreement refers to the process that a company goes through to purchase back any unresolved shares on the open market. These are usually shares that come available when a shareholder leaves the company, they want to reduce the possibility of any partner having a controlling stake or they want to increase the value of the company’s shares by reducing the number of available shares. A Buyback agreement is essentially a way of repaying capital to shareholders.


Contingent Liabilities

Contingent Liability Cover refers to a policy that a company takes out on the life of a director or an employee that stands as a sort of guarantee for any debts that the business might take on. The cover should be equal to the loan taken out.

Group Retirements

Companies set up Group Retirement Annuity Plans for the benefit of their employees when they are looking to retire.  Annuities are in effect retirement savings that a company puts away for their staff as an employment benefit.

Key Man

Key Man Protection is essentially ‘business life insurance’, where a life insurance policy is taken out on your business’s ‘key’ executive or partner. This person is usually essential to the lifeblood of the business and losing he or her would be seen as a major lose. In the event of this ‘key’ person’s death the company would be paid out from the settlement.

Retention Plans

A Retention Plan is a way of incentivising and motivating current and future employees to remain within a company. There are various ways of laying out this Plan, including share options, salary rewards/bonuses.