We seek to ‘be the difference’ by tailoring our offerings to the individual client’s needs. Our independence means that we can choose the best solution for your company or personal needs.

Gary van den Berg


Gary van den Berg has over 30 years of experience in the Life Industry. Gary was Chair of the Million Dollar Round Table for RSA and the Chair of Life.

Over the years he has achieved numerous awards, but his focus has always been on ensuring that his clients and Funds are performing well, employees are properly covered and everyone has peace of mind.

Gary has also played an major role in the South African Wildlife Industry and the Engineering Sector.

Guy Tillett


The Financial Services Industry was not on the top of Guy’s agenda on his return from his travels back in 1995. Guy was introduced into the industry through an opportunity at Liberty Life.

Not long after joining Liberty, he discovered that as an independent advisor he would have the ability to provide and fulfill the needs of corporates and individuals alike. It was at this point that he joined Gary and Mandy van den Berg at Prism Employee Benefits.

Mandy van den Berg


Having grown with the Financial Industry for 25 years and seen it evolve over time – some things never change.

Fostering long term relationships, treating clients fairly, never underestimating any individual’s value and respecting peers will always be the core of what I stand for.

My life is richer for this opportunity to engage and grow with business owners, managers and staff. The Employee Benefits focus always has been an important factor in the decisions you make for the well being of your staff and management for today and the future. We can guide you through this process and with your support we make the difference.

I look forward to hearing from you and embarking on this journey.

Bernadine Coetzee

Financial Administrator

Sporting a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with majors in Mathematics and Accounting. In 2016, Bernadine decided to leave her teaching position and enter the private sector.

Currently in her final year of BCom Financial Accounting and continuing into her 4th year working with Prism Employee Benefits.

Terry Emmott

Financial Advisor – Johannesburg

Terry moved into the industry over thirty years ago after being part of a management team at an employee benefits presentation. He has a broad range of experience including his own management consulting practice, and can advise on all aspects of the financial services sector. He studied a Management Degree and later completed a CFP via the Financial Planning Institute of SA.
While at NMG, he acted as the KI, gaining invaluable experience and insight into group employee benefits and healthcare consulting. When the opportunity arose at Prism Employee Benefits he saw the chance to be with a dynamic, independent and exciting company.

Grant Pacak

Financial Advisor – Johannesburg

Grant Pacak obtained his BCom Economics and Econometrics and BCom (Hons) in Economics from the University of Johannesburg in 2010 and 2011, respectively. He started working in the financial services industry in 2012 with Liberty Life and has gained invaluable experience from industry titans and managing teams over the years. He is dynamic, analyticaland client service is of utmost importance to him.

Grant has completed his RE5 and KI through the Financial Planning Institute and is currently completing his RPE through the South African Institute of Financial Markets. Grant has spent 8 years providing holistic financial planning to his clients.

He joined the Prism team in 2018 to expand his offering to clients, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding all facets of their planning requirements. 

Nicole Hadaway

Financial Advisor – Cape Town

17 years, a combination of diving the world, developing and growing small business’, motorbikes, books and cocktails. I realised that people just lived for their jobs. They were stuck in the rat race with no real clear view of how they were going to survive the future, retirement or worse.

My goal is to get you to retire like a champ. Experiencing extreme trauma, or severe life changing conditions can very quickly unravel your life and bring with it greater burdens than you could ever have imagined.

My gift to you is choice…A choice of when you can retire, and how. I believe proper retirement planning can empower and enrich lives.

In my 9 years as a financial planner I have been lucky to have personally experienced the GREATER IMPACT I have brought to my clients when faced with one of life’s challenges.

Hilton Mavhaga


Samantha Lawrence

Service Consultant 

Tsholo Tsukudu

Service Consultant

Deana Ventress

Service Consultant 

Ryan Muller

Operations Manager

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