Business Assurance

Asset Endowment

Needed normally when wanting to donate financial assets to a non-profit group, individual or …

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Business Trusts

These are a way of protecting your business assets from exposed risk. Business Trusts keep a …

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Buy & Sell

These are a way of creating a way of dividing the business interests and shares of the various …

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Buy Backs

Buy Backs refers to the process that a company goes through to purchase back any unresolved …

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Contingent Liabilities

These refers to a policy that a company takes out on the life of a director or an employee that stands as a sort of guarantee …

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Group Retirements

Companies set up Group Retirement Annuity Plans for the benefit of their employees when they are looking to …

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Key Man

Find out more about Contingent Liabilities

These are essentially ‘business life insurance’, where a life insurance policy is taken out on your business’s ‘key’ executive or partner.

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Retention Plans

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These are a way of incentivising and motivating current and future employees to remain within a company.

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